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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Travelers Checks Are So 20th Century

New Debit Card Safer, Up-to-Date Exchange Rate - Just Better

No Interest! Can Be Instantly Shut Off with a Phone Call! Can't Be Overdrawn! No Need to Exchange Currency When Traveling! Will Unpack Your Bags for You When You Get Home!*

Rugs from Morocco. Decorative beer steins from Munich. Commemorative spoons from anywhere. These exciting items, along with more pedestrian needs like food, lodging, entertainment, and bribes, are all things that can be purchased with the new general purpose Visa Debit card offered by Better World Club, perfect for travel.

The traditional means of making transactions overseas has been Travelers Cheques. But this new card has significant advantages over travelers cheques - or conventional credit cards:

- This prepaid debit card account charges no interest and uses only money you put on the card.

- It is good at more than 32,000,000 locations worldwide, plus thousands of ATMs. Many retail outlets don't even accept travelers checks anymore.

- It is very secure - you can toggle the card on and off with a call from your cell phone.

- This card gets you cash from ATMs, can be loaded from your bank account or credit card, and is just as good at your local grocery store as it is anywhere else a Visa debit card is accepted across the globe.

- This cash-free form of payment means you don't have to worry about exchanging dollars for dinars (or whatever).

- Unlike checking account debit cards, it's nearly impossible to overdraw on a purchase - there are no bounced checks.

- It is a remarkably low-cost prepaid debit card, well below retail for Better World Club Members at $5.95 to acquire and $2.95 a month.

- Each card is backed by FDIC-insured University Bank of St. Paul, Minnesota. Behind each card is a demand account, like a checking account without checks.

- You can opt to receive a text message on your cell phone with every deposit or purchase, giving you your balance remaining in your account. This will help you detect fraud.

- You can load your card online from your checking account or from one of those "regular" credit cards, if you must.



Better World Club also offers a general purpose subordinate card for your students (must be 16 years-old or older). The card has substantial advantages over a conventional credit card. Look at the features of this general purpose card, priced at $5.95 to acquire and $2.95 a month:

- You can toggle your son or daughter's card off at any time. And turn it back on when you are good and ready. Try doing that with a typical credit card.

- You can transfer money in real time from your own card to your student's card with a phone call. (You can also transfer it back to your account with a phone call.)

- You receive a text message on your cell phone with every transaction on your youth's card.

- You receive a free, online monthly statement you can go over with your student.

- Otherwise, it works just like your Visa prepaid debit card: good pretty much everywhere, convenient, and secure.

- You can use it to teach your young people about money management.

[*Okay, it won't actually unpack your bags for you, but you can use it to pay someone to unpack your bags for you.]

Card is issued by University Bank, pursuant to a license from Visa, USA, Inc.

- Click here to learn more about the card
- Click here to order the card

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  • Does this actually work? I couldn't use my American credit card in France and the UK last summer simply because they upgraded their machines to only read chip and pin cards, and American cards only have the magnetic strip. I was told American banks weren't going to fix this problem because it cost more to fix it than to maintain status quo and let Americans who actually leave the country bring wads of cash.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At March 1, 2009 at 4:17 PM  

  • All Visa/MasterCard ATMs are required to accept magnetic strip cards. If the ATMs you used only accepted chip and pin cards, then they were most likely a regional European scheme rather than a Visa or MC acquirer.

    In other words, yes, this travel card does work. Thanks for the question!

    By Blogger Erik Nelson, At April 3, 2009 at 1:43 PM  

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