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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Access Hotel And Rental Car Discounts at BWC Member Site

Members Get Great Discounts Through Access Hotels (a Discount Program and a Confusing Double Entendre)

Need a place to stay on your family vacation? Renting a car for that wedding on the other coast? Flying last minute to Vegas in desperate hopes that you can re-pad your savings before your wife finds out what you spent it on? Better World Club members can access a wide range of lodging discounts through, well, Access. Access Hotels, that is. Just log in to the member section of our website and click on the Access link at the bottom left of the page. You'll automatically be logged into the Access website where you can search hotels and motels by name or location. Members can also access Access discounts by showing the Access logo on their cards to hotel or motel staff when they make reservations.

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