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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wolf Haven International's "Howl-ins"

August 2, 9, 16 & 23, 2008

Howl-ins are a one-of-a-kind event the whole family can enjoy in Western Washington State. Taking place four out of the five Saturdays in August, each includes mini tours of the wolf sanctuary, crafts and games, Wolf-TV, education and conservation learning areas, and family oriented entertainment. Bobbie Bush tells stories Chehalis Tribe-style. Victor Brower and Jim Jacobs perform balloon magic. Every Howl-in also offers a different live band, giving each event its own unique atmosphere. Food is available for purchase on-site from the WHI BBQ.

Howl-ins wouldn’t be complete without Wolf Haven's famous Howling Competition, which will bring out the wolf in everyone. Doors open at 5:30 (5:00pm for campers) with the fun starting at 6:00pm and ending at 9:00pm. Online prices are $15 for adults, $8 for children (3-12) and $12 for Military/Seniors. Better World Club Members receive a discount on the Howl-in Camping Package. Sanctuary tours are limited to the first 200 participants, so make your reservation in advance to avoid disappointment.

Click here to learn more about Howl-ins.

Better World Club members receive a discount with Wolf Haven International. Click here to learn more about that.

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Roadside Assistance is Not Meant to Replace Your Collision Insurance

In the event of an accident, members should check with their auto policy carriers to see who is responsible for the payment of any necessary towing. A member's insurance company (or the other driver's insurance company) may be responsible for the payment of a tow. Due to the nature of an accident, service providers are required to handle clean-up and other labor related services. Many of these services are not covered by your Better World Club roadside policy. Should you call requiring service after an accident, we will refer you to your policy carrier. If your carrier is unable to help you, we will be able to service your vehicle with a price cap of $50/$100, depending on your benefit limit.

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Drivers Aren't Getting Kicks on Route 66

Americans Drove Almost 10 BILLION Fewer Miles in May

Are You One of the Many Dusting Off Your Old Bike? You May Want to Add Bicycle Roadside Assistance to your Existing Auto Coverage

The Federal Highway Administration has just released driving stats for the month of May.

Americans drove almost 255 billion miles this May, 9.6 billion fewer miles than in May 2007. Not only was it the biggest decline ever recorded for the month of May, it also was the third largest monthly drop.

Mass transit ridership has increased, as has telecommuting. Many are looking at 4-day workweeks as a way to cut down on gas consumption, including school districts all over the country, as well as the state government of Utah.

There's also been a renewed interest in bicycle commuting, which is great not only from environmental and economic standpoints, but also for our personal health (Americans aren't the most obese people in the world, but we're close).

If you're driving less and riding your bike more, you can add the nation's only Bicycle Roadside Assistance to your current auto plan for only $17 for a year's worth of coverage. Click here to learn more about our bike program. You can add bike coverage to your current plan at any time by calling BWC Customer Service at 866-238-1137.

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Okay, Are They Gone? Good! Check It Out:

BWC Members from MA are Eligible for a 13% Discount on Auto Insurance!

(Members From Other States Get Insurance Discounts, Too)
Better World Club has long offered an 8% discount on auto insurance premiums to its members living in Massachusetts. Well, we’ve pulled a few strings - we’ve got a cousin who can get us wholesale prices - and are now able to offer a whopping 13% discount!

American Consumer Insurance, our Massachusetts insurance office, not only offers auto policies at a 13% discount, but also boasts top-rated customer service. It’s been voted the best insurance agency in Cambridge three years in a row, and has won first or second place for the last three years straight in the Boston Metro area.

Not only do we offer great service, but Better World Insurance will offset your car's first ton of greenhouse gas emissions free! This offer is good in all the states we service, not just MA.

Recently relaxed insurance regulations in MA make it a great time to shop around for insurance. If you’re a BWC member living in Massachusetts, the best way to get a quote is to call 888-299-2993. For the most accurate quote, you should email ( or fax (617-876-5302) your coverage selections page from your current insurance provider before calling.

Want a multi-policy discount? Grab your homeowners, renters, or condo policy and get a quote for that, too! We have access to 7 different underwriters, so we’re dialed in to all different kinds of rates.

If you're not from Massachusetts and you've read the article this far, we salute you. You're either too stubborn to be told what to do, or you're so bored that you're reading articles about insurance discounts you're not eligible to receive. Either way, we like your style, and you deserve to be rewarded. You may be eligible for one of our other auto insurance discounts. Click here to get a quote and find out.

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They're Kind of Like the "Justice League of America", but Without the Spandex

Actually, Cyclists Do Tend to Wear Spandex Too...

Better World Club is proud to partner with the Bicycle Alliance of Washington. People who join or renew with the BAW at the $75 level or higher receive a year's worth of Better World bicycle roadside assistance FREE with their membership.

The Bicycle Alliance advocates for bicyclists and promotes cycling to build a bicycle-friendly state of Washington.

They do this in the following ways:

- Advocate for adequate funding for a complete non-motorized transportation infrastructure.
- Provide Washington residents a statewide clearinghouse for bicycle education and advocacy.
- Work to increase the percentage of all types of bicycle ridership in Washington.
- Ensure that bicycles are recognized as a reasonable and mainstream transportation option.
- Educate communities in Washington to become bicycle-friendly and embrace a 'Share the Road' philosophy.

Bicycle Alliance members believe that bicycling in Washington is inexpensive, healthy and fun, and that bicycles are a viable transportation alternative.

You can learn more at the Bicycle Alliance of Washington's website.

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Forget Gas Prices: Plan a Summer Adventure by Bicycle

In an Age of Skyrocketing Fuel Costs, Bicycle Travel is Growing as an Invigorating Alternative for Vacationers

Kerouac is history. The new cool is on two-wheels: the road trip by bicycle. This summer, whether they're planning a solo journey, a weekend family outing, or gathering a group of friends together for a weeklong adventure, more people are rounding up their bicycles, some basic gear, and going gas-free. With the national average gas price at $3.96 (according to Better World Club) the time is ripe for discovering the ease and savings of bicycle travel.

It's a style of travel growing in popularity. "We've been hearing many stories of major increases in bike travel around the U.S.," says Jim Sayer, executive director for Adventure Cycling Association. "At our headquarters, we've seen strong and steady growth in bike map sales, bike travelers, and memberships in our organization," which is the largest cycling membership group in North America and dedicated to promoting bicycle travel.

How much savings can you expect from bike travel? Eddy's Bike Shop in Ohio offers the vivid comparison of a hypothetical family of four's trip to Florida versus the same family taking a bike trip. In this comparison the family not only saves $2,000 but also gains a fleet of bicycles at the ready for any future adventure. Eddy's advises, "With the rising costs of travel, why put all of your hard-earned money into a fleeting, one week vacation? For substantially less money, you could invest in a family full of bicycles, and enjoy them all summer."

Where do bicycle travelers go? Some ambitious cyclists roll all the way across the continent, but many people opt for shorter, multi-day trips closer to home. Recently, Adventure Cycling conducted a survey of its e-newsletter list to see exactly what kinds of bicycle adventures readers were taking this summer. The response was overwhelming and the bicycle travel plans diverse:

Frank Negron (Florida) shares, "I always wanted to take a trip around Lake Okeechobee and I always thought I would do it in a car. Well, I did the trip but it was on my bicycle. Four days later I realized what a great idea it was to be self-contained on a bicycle for a vacation."

Kathy Holwadel (Ohio) writes, "Just returned from my first solo bike vacation, pedaling from Cincinnati to Cleveland and back again (570 miles total). I passed Amish buggies, hosteled at an experimental farm turned state park, and wound my way through seas of corn where I spent whole days without going through a town. I camped. I B&B'ed. I stayed with friends. It was one of the greatest vacations of my 52 years, as well as one of the cheapest."

Bruce Lierman (Vermont) says, "I recently completed a trip around Lake Champlain (my first extended trip). My exact purpose was to see if one could have a reasonable and enjoyable vacation without burning gas. I did."

Colleen Welch (Washington) offers, "My son and I are going on a 4-day, 3-night bicycle trip from our house in Olympia, WA to Port Townsend, WA on the Olympic Peninsula, and back home. So, we will be doing our short vacation completely gas-free. We will be camping at state parks along the way. This will be my son's first bike tour and my first multi-day, self-contained tour."

Another burgeoning trend is people taking simple overnight adventures. Julie Huck, membership director for Adventure Cycling says, "Our staff recently did a basic bike overnight. We departed from our headquarters in Missoula, MT right after work, spent a festive night camping in the woods, and were back by 10 a.m. for coffee at the local farmer's market."

How do I get started? There are many resources for getting started as a bicycle traveler planning fun-filled adventures of all distances and durations. As America's bicycle travel experts, Adventure Cycling's online resources ( are a great place to start.

Adventure Cycling's How-to Department covers Bike Touring 101, bike repair, and much more. Its Cyclists' Yellow Pages is an online bicycle travel resource guide with listings for tour companies, bike shops, and other resources worldwide.

The Adventure Cycling Route Network is comprised of 21 routes (over 80 map sections) and a total of 38,158 meticulously mapped miles. These maps can be used to plan trips of any length and are geared specifically for the bicycle traveler, featuring turn-by-turn directions, detailed navigational instructions, and elevation profiles. The maps are waterproof and fit into a handlebar-bag window or jersey pocket. GPS waypoints are also available for all of the routes. Maps cost Adventure Cycling members $9.75 and run $12.75 for non-members. Adventure Cycling also offers bike travel gear (for all budgets) at its online store.

Bicycle travel is booming, and with fuel prices soaring to all time highs, this is the perfect summer to learn all about it.

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Hub World Travel

BWC Members Receive a 15% Discount on Tours!

Hub World Travel offers a wide range of quality, unforgettable adventures for clients with varied travel, vacation, and cultural backgrounds, and strives to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Their guides are professionals in their fields, are bi- or multilingual, and are continually learning and expanding their knowledge so they can offer their clients the most current and accurate information. Your satisfaction is their highest priority.

Services Include:
- Tours around the Portland, OR, area, such as the Portland Art Scene & City Tour, Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour, Mt. Hood & Waterfalls Tour, Mt. St. Helen Tour, Portland-area Winery Tour, Portland Micro- Brewery Tour, Premier Shopping Tour, Oregon Coastal Tour, and other Outdoor Adventure Tours.
- Adventure & vacation tours to areas of the Pacific Northwest, South America, Africa, and Europe.
- Opportunities to take part in Voluntourism work at numerous destinations.
- Customized tours are available for Conferences, Conventions and other groups.

Hub World Travel specializes in customized travel and can tweak existing tours or create new ones just for you.

Hub World Travel would like to extend a 15% discount for all Better World Club members. You can view their website at for more information or you can contact them at 1-800-637-3110. Hub World Travel has even provided a handy step-by-step document to help you get signed up for a trip!

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Recycled Bike Art

BWC Members Receive a 10% Discount and Free Shipping!

Recycled Bike Art transforms discarded bike parts into beautiful, functional art. Founded by lifelong cyclist and artist Angela Armstrong, Recycled Bike Art specializes in a wide variety of bicycle art. Chain links, a single freewheel cassette and colored glass become functional coasters and belt buckles. Clocks are made from a chain ring and stained glass. The company's jewelry line includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces and wine glass charms all made with bicycle parts as an element of the design.

Better World Club members are eligible for a 10% discount and free shipping. Just go to and enter the coupon code BWCCART upon check out.

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N8TV Adventures

BWC Members Receive a 15% Discount on Kayaking Trips in Oregon!

Come and enjoy the tranquility of kayaking on Lake Simtustus at the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. N8TV Adventures offers morning, afternoon, & all day guided kayaking trips. All of our guides are experienced kayakers and American Heart Association Certified for First Aide and CPR.

Our kayaking trips are safe, fun, and a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors. While kayaking there will be opportunities to see local wildlife like osprey, bald eagles, and Canada geese in their natural habitat. You may see raccoons on the bank feasting on crayfish, or deer coming down for a cold, fresh drink.

Check, for more details. To receive a 15% discount, all you have to do is identify yourself as a BWC member when you sign up.

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BWC Members Save 10%-30% at

Founded in 2005, is the first online retailer to offer a one-stop shop for office products focused on green alternatives and sustainability. The San Francisco-based company's mission is to make workplace greening easy and cost effective. Every one of the nearly 40,000 products on offer is ranked by greenness using the innovative Green Screen™ system. is a certified member of the San Francisco Bay Area Green Business Program, a founding member of B Corporation, a Co-op America Green Business, and a participant in a number of other governmental and non-profit sustainability programs.

Better World Club members receive generous discounts on some of the most popular products at To enroll in a buying plan, simply follow these quick steps:

1. Log in to your account or create a new one
2. Visit the 'Account Information' page
3. Under the 'Price Plan' section, click on 'Add' or 'Edit'
4. Enter the price plan BWCBloc004 and hit 'Submit'

Your price plan will automatically change the prices of products on the website, with cost reductions of 10-30% on some of the site's most popular products.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wow! The California Waiver Soap Opera Just Got Soap-Oprier!

Latest Surprise Twist: EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson May Have Been a Good Guy All Along!

Bush Better Watch Out, Johnson Tell-All Book Could Be In The Works: What Happened At The EPA? Nothing!

Recently surfaced EPA internal documents show that EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson actually favored allowing California and 17 other states to regulate their own tailpipe emissions.

This environmentally sound position was reversed, however, after officials at the White House pulled Johnson aside and "discussed" the issue with him. The EPA is an independent agency, and Johnson - like all EPA Administrators - is a presidential appointee, but that does not mean that he is supposed to be taking orders from the White House.

What's shocking about this story isn't the fact that the head of our EPA acts as a mouthpiece for a presidential administration that acts as a mouthpiece for polluting industries. What's truly surprising is the fact that Johnson actually had to have his arm twisted to deny California's waiver request.

Who knows what other pro-environmental tendencies he may be harboring deep in his heart? Perhaps this man - who used to be an executive in the animal testing industry - is secretly a member of PETA? The mind boggles at the possibilities, but then Scott McClelland now says that he disbelieves the very statements he was making in the White House press room.

So Stephen L. Johnson, whether you're hugging trees or whackin' them down with your kick-ass Husky 346XP chainsaw, we will give credit where it's due and thank you for trying. We look forward to your book.

The Story So Far...

If you're new to this soap opera and need to catch up, you can check out last month's 'Driving Change' petition to learn more about this sordid multi-year saga of adultery, divorce, amnesia, and tailpipe emissions.

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