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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Watch Important Films That You Can't See Anywhere Else

BWC Members Receive 8 films on 2 DVDs FREE from Ironweed Films Just pay $2.95 S&H... No obligation!

Ironweed Films is your home for progressive films on DVD. Each month, for just $14.95 + $2.95 S&H, members receive 1 DVD packed with 2 - 4 thought provoking documentaries on political, environmental and socially-conscious topics.

There's nothing to return: all DVDs are yours to keep and you may cancel at any time.

Free DVDs include

Ironweed presents a quintet of upbeat, entertaining and challenging films that examine what Americans want, why we vote, and what we should demand of our leaders.

Films Include: Red State Road Trip, Considering Democracy, A Brief History of Voting, Choose to Choose, and Long Division.

Ironweed presents a trio of fascinating films on adapting to life without oil through a return to a satisfying and sustainable way of living.

Films Include: The Power of Community, Escape from Affluenza, and Radically Simple.

BWC members can take advantage of this great deal at our Member Login Page.

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