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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Delay Processing Gas Rebate Coupons

We're Sorry About the Delay, but Think of How Much More Excited You'll Be When You Finally Receive Them!

On November 1st, 2008 the vendor that originally provided us with the gas rebate benefit went out of business. Since that date, all submissions received by that vendor have been forwarded to our customer service office for processing in-house. We receive the forwarded rebates about once a month and are sending out checks as quickly as possible. However, our designated check writer (she drew the short straw) is doing a job that once took an entire company to do. The process has been a slow one, but all valid submissions will be honored.

We appreciate your patience and hope to be fully caught up by the time summer arrives.

Because of the popularity of the program, we have decided not to discontinue it entirely. Premium members are still eligible to participate in the gas rebate program. Please check your renewal documents for details.

Questions? Click here to contact us.

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