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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Irishman Walks Into a Gas Station...

And Alternative Fuel Prices Are Up

At Least It's St. Patrick's Day! Go Ahead and Drown those Sorrows (Just Make Sure not to Drive!)

With the exception of B99 prices in the West, prices for both B20 and B99 rose in all regions since our last report, contributing to more than a $0.10 rise in the prices of both fuels nationally. CNG prices also rose in every region except the West and rose nationally by $0.22. On average, E85 prices changed little from our previous figures.

Gasoline and diesel prices rose in all regions and mirrored trends in alternative fuel prices nationally.

Do you have an unnatural interest in fuel prices? Are you a fan of tables filled with important looking numbers? If so, we recommend finding a healthier hobby (like following the swallows back to San Juan Capistrano). Or you can feed your fetish by checking out BWC's previous Alternative Fuel Report, "Prices Rise as Temperatures Fall," published in the December 23rd issue of Kicking Asphalt.

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