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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seven Planet Eco-Friendly Store

Seven Planet Eco-Friendly Store promotes mindful commerce as a way of thinking and consuming, and as a resurgence of an older movement that necessitated the general stores of the early 20th century. The store's founders espouse the belief that people should only consume when they are in need of something and should always work to purchase the most mindful product available.

Seven Planet promotes, markets, and sells products from the best early stage green and sustainable companies (mindful suppliers) within each of seven industry silos -- apparel, energy, food, health, household, shelter, and travel. To qualify as a mindful supplier, a company must initially meet at least four of seven criteria (listed here).

Consumers can mindfully address their shopping needs at Seven Planet's online store or at either of two physical stores in Portland, OR or Priest River, Idaho. Locate a store here. Better World Club members can take advantage of a 5% discount at both physical locations by showing their membership cards.

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