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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Local Volcano Acting Up?

Find Out if That Ash Cloud Will Affect Your Flight Before You Head to the Airport

Eyjafjallajokull may not be in your neck of the woods, but who's to say when the long dormant volcano in your (proverbial) backyard will start spewing huge plumes of ash into the sky disrupting flight schedules across your entire side of the continent? At least you needn't worry about wasting time waiting at the airport for a delayed or canceled flight. is a comprehensive, independent source of arrival and departure information. The site makes flight statuses searchable by flight number, airport, or by flights between two airports -- which makes more sense at the site than it sounds like it should. also provides airport maps and information on routes, airlines, and seating, all available through a short series of clicks.

So even if volcano-induced large scale flight delays aren't your particular inconvenience, is an incredibly useful resource. And if wasting time at airports is your thing, you can always search an airport map to find all of the Hudson News outlets at your port of arrival or departure. Get searching!

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