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Monday, August 2, 2010

Better World Club Now Offering Free Bike Maps

We're Empowering Cyclists to be too Proud to Ask for Directions, Too

You're constantly stuck in traffic in Los Angeles and think it might be time to ditch the car and find a more relaxing way around the gridlock. While visiting Portland, you rent bicycles for your family to see the sights from a local's perspective. Or, you need to get away from the family reunion in Albuquerque but can't find any other transportation than your old ten speed. We're there for you!

Not only does Better World Club offer the nation's only nationwide roadside assistance for bicycles, we're now also offering our members free bike maps. Our current stock covers more than a dozen of North America's most bicycle friendly cities as well as select regions and states. Check out a complete list of available maps here. If you're already a member and see something you like, you can order maps at the member section of our website. Not a member? Join now!

Our bike maps cover the safest/most bike friendly routes and fold up for convenient portage. Now you can rest easy knowing that your next human powered commute or vacation will run as smoothly as that newly installed drivetrain.

Of course, we're always working to expand our membership benefits and look forward to being able to offer our members an even wider selection of bike maps in the future. Don't see a bike map of your home city or of your next destination? Know of a good source for reliable bike maps of your area? Contact us and let us know. Together we can continue to make the streets safer and more traversible for cyclists everywhere...or at least give you a better reason not to stop and ask for directions.

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