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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Does This Website Make Our Heads Look Big?

Send Us Your Feedback on the New!

And Search for a Chance to Win a Free Membership While You're at It

Better World Club has the services you want -- like 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance for your cars, motorcycles, RVs, AND bicycles; maps and trip routings; and insurance -- and we're constantly striving to ensure that the Better World Club experience reflects a picture of, well, a better world.

On January 18, we launched the newest version of, which includes not only a handsome new redesign (and you'd tell us the truth if you didn't think so, right?) but also a number of new features developed with the needs and convenience of our members in mind.

Our homepage now features links to news articles on energy, the environment, and progressive transportation (including, of course, links to select pieces from Kicking Asphalt). The new homepage also makes it easier for members to renew their memberships and to locate discount information for hotels and rental cars -- and for all of the other great discounts available to Better World Club members.

But enough about what we think. We want your opinions, too! So, what do you think of the new site? What questions or issues would you like to see featured in one of our surveys? (We'll be publishing results in Kicking Asphalt, by the way. Now if we could only get something similar going for our spouses we could save some money on all that counseling.) What do you like? Dislike? Does the new banner suit our complexion? Contact us!

Don't worry. There's something in it for you! Although we know that our members (and future members) are the kindest and most generous people out there, we thought we should do something just as kind and generous to thank everyone for praising the new site. We've posted a special code in BOLD RED at one of the pages that will stay active at the site until 10:30 a.m. PST on Friday, March 28. Email us with the code before that date and time and you'll be entered to win a free Premium membership in Better World Club. (Hint: it's not at the member site or in any archived newsletter article.) One winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entrants. Your opinions on the site won't affect your chances of winning, so go ahead and tell us what you really think.

Like what you see and can't wait to hear if you've won? Join now! Already a member? Visit our new homepage for easy access to updating your member profile, member discounts, and more!

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