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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sample Letter to Representatives on Regulatory Authority of EPA

Dear Representative,

With the failure of the Congress to pass a comprehensive climate and energy bill in 2010, the ability of the EPA to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act is more important than ever. Unfortunately, that ability is under attack by those who support a dirty and outdated energy system over America’s public health and long term economic viability.

It is imperative that the EPA be free to exercise its authority under the Clean Air Act to implement and enforce limits on greenhouse gas emissions. The choice to regulate greenhouse gases is also the choice to embrace the development of clean energy technologies – technologies that will create jobs and protect the health of the American people, two things that both Republicans and Democrats should support. America can no longer afford to delay in the fight against climate change and our transition to a healthier and more vibrant clean energy economy.

As challenges to the EPA and the Clean Air Act come up for debate, I strongly urge you to stand up to all reactionary attacks on the regulatory power of the EPA and to do everything in your power to encourage your colleagues in the House of Representatives to do so as well.



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