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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Break! WOOOO!

Get Them There Safely With a Trip Routing From BWC...After That it's up to You

Congratulations. You finally got that last kid to college. And now it's time for that final hurdle before adult responsibility: spring break. You may not be able to chaperone everything that happens once everyone arrives at wherever it is they're going this year, but you can make sure that your child gets there quickly and safely with a custom trip routing.

Better World Club's trip planning service includes state by state driving directions with maps, narrative routing instructions, points of interest, and mileage guides for routes anywhere in the United States or Canada (if your kid's going abroad, it's all up to you). Members can order trip routings at the member section of our website. Heck, after this is over, you might need to take a trip of your own.

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