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Saturday, September 25, 2010

You Let Your Husband Join You on Vacation...

Why Not Snickers?

Fly Your Pets in Comfort (And for the Right Price) with Pet Airways

Sometimes, circumstances surrounding moving, long-term travel, or simply detachment issues demand that pet owners fly with their beloved companions. Many airlines allow small animals to be carried onto an airplane as carry-on luggage in small carriers that fit under the seats. But that option can be stressful on some animals and can cost a pet owner around $150 dollars. What’s more, the carry-on option only works for small animals that weigh less than 15 or 20 pounds, so larger dogs must be stored bellow the cabin as checked luggage. Flying with large animals stored as cargo can set a passenger back as much as $700 depending on the weight of the animal and the airline.

Pet Airways, the only pets only airline will fly your pet to and from nearly a dozen U.S. cities. Ticket prices are more reasonable than some of the cargo fees for pets on the major airlines, but owners cannot accompany their pets on any Pet Airways flights. Pet owners must schedule their travel in a way someone is on hand to pick up a pet at its destination. Pet Airways highlights the extreme care it takes in handling its “pawsengers,” constantly checking on them and making stops when necessary. In that sense, the Pet Airways option is, no doubt, safer for pets both mentally and physically than stowing them as luggage.

At the same time, flying -- or any type of long distance travel for that matter -- is going to be stressful on any pet, and air travel leaves an especially weighty carbon footprint. When thinking about traveling with a pet, please also think about the environment. If leaving your beloved pets at home with a babysitter or at a kennel is a possibility, it will always be the more environmentally sound choice. Plus, you can always write.

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  • Small animals in carriers that fit under the seats are permitted to be brought into airplanes as carry-on luggage by many airlines. However, that choice can cost a pet owner about $150 and cause discomfort in certain animals. Furthermore, larger dogs must be housed below the cabin as checked luggage because the carry-on option is only available for small animals weighing less than 15 or 20 pounds. I appreciate you giving your knowledge! Continue your fantastic effort! Keep sharing. I invite you to browse my website.

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