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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Save on Insurance Just By Buying Through BWC

On Top Of Other Discounts! And Free Carbon Offsets!! (Do We Sound Like that Progressive Insurance Lady from TV Yet?)

Hopefully You'll Now Understand Why We Can't Afford any Cavemen or a Talking Gecko

You can't go much of anywhere on the internet without seeing an offer for insurance savings. And anyone who watches any television (even if that's on the internet too) has seen that commercial with the overexcited woman ringing up an insurance customer to a chorus of discounts. Well, (and we're sure you're upset about this) we can't afford to inundate you with advertisements. That's partly because the BWC management is so cheap, and partly because we're getting our insurance customers such great discounts.

Not only do we give discounts to hybrid owners, good drivers, good students, for safety devices and covering more than one car (among other things), but you'll save 3 to 5% off the base insurance rate in the state where you live just for getting your quote through Better World. (This is when that lady would scream, ''DISCOUNT!'') Our auto insurance customers are eligible for a discount of around 7% on homeowners insurance when they purchase that from us as well (and that will cover your bicycle).

As we reported here and here, we've expanded the availability of our insurance services quite a bit over the last several months. A complete list of the states where we're currently quoting is available here. Click here for a quote.

And again (sigh!), for everyone who didn't click through to our previous announcements: Better World is an independent insurance agent that works for you. In addition to our many discounts, we are the only insurance company providing a FREE carbon offset to cover the first 2,000 miles of greenhouse gas emissions generated by your automobile.

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